Our Christmas Mission


Each year, The Booth family joins HART (the Haiti and Africa Relief Team), along with students from St. Mary’s Annapolis High school, Spring Hill College, and Santa Clara University, to bring the blessings of Christmas to a community of Haitians in need.  They operate from St. Jude’s Catholic parish in Petionville, Haiti (in the mountains outside Port au Prince), which has endured many hardships, but continues to work on behalf of their immediate and neighboring communities in need.

Please read on to learn more about this Christmas mission, and consider making a donation to support this great work!



The 2018 mission goals are to:

  • Construction upgrades to the Welcome House – $3200
  • School construction projects including plaster, paint, and equipment – $7,500
  • Provide 30 beds to those sleeping on the ground – $3,000
  • Provide tarps and basic shelter repair supplies for 6 homes – $1,800
  • Rice/Beans/Spaghetti to distribute families in the parish – $3,200
  • Christmas meal and drinks for the children of the parish – $1,700
  • Lunches for 650 children at St. Jude’s school for 6 months – $22,800
  • Host a Christmas celebration at St. Jude’s – providing a community meal and practical gifts (shoes, clothes, and small toys) for the children

Currently there are 8 volunteers signed up to travel to Haiti in December 2017, and they will gratefully deliver all the goods described above, and procure the services needed.  They will cover their own travel expenses, but need your help to acquire all the supplies and services that will help advance this community in the coming year.

Can you imagine the impact of your gift on someone in need?



There are many ways to help:

Please consider making a tax-deductable donation on behalf of this wonderful Mission! 

Want to volunteer?  Contact us HERE.

Also, for you Amazon addicts – you can contribute throughout the year to HART’s many missions by ordering from smile.amazon.com and selecting HART to receive 0.5% of your order (every little bit helps!).


We thank you for your kindness and generosity – compassion has no boundaries!  To learn more about St. Jude’s and previous mission trips, check out our blog HERE.

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